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Phyllis Perry Hulton Educational Trust

Phyllis Perry was a graduate of Marshalltown High School in 1942. She attended Marshalltown Business College and then worked as a personal secretary to the vice president of Sterling Steel Company in Pittsburgh. She married Kenneth Hulton. They did not have children. Phyllis retired in 1965 and later returned to Marshalltown. Phyllis died in 1994.  In her will, she set up an Educational Trust and left money for her 1942 classmates to use for their next reunion which was held in 1996. Phyllis enjoyed people but had medical problems which limited her participation in class activities and class reunions. Her friendships though were important to her.
In her will, she also set up a Trust to provide educational scholarships for students after High School graduation.

2023/2024 Award Stats

High School Scholarship Dollars
Awards Given
College Scholarship Dollars

Deadlines and Requirements

The deadline for the high school and college application is April 8, 2024.

For the 2023/2024 school year the Trustees awarded 122 scholarships. 54 were awarded to High School Seniors in the amount of $1,025.00 and 68 were awarded to college or technical school students in the amount of $1,100.00.

The trust is able to only award 4 years of scholarships to an individual. Also, the trustees may not award scholarships for graduate school.

Application requirements are different for a current high school graduate versus a student who graduated from high school prior to 2024. The application for each will provide specific requirements.
Please note that unofficial transcripts are acceptable.


  1. The recipient must have graduated from a high school located in Marshall County. Home-schooled students are not eligible.
  2. The scholarships may be renewed from year to year. The maximum number of years you are eligible will be 4 years. We do not pay for graduate school.
  3. The scholarships may be for the purposes of paying tuition, books, transportation, and supplies but not room and board.
  4. Extra consideration will be given to an applicant who has had a physical handicap during his lifetime.


Questions, printed applications, and additional documentation can be submitted to Nan via email or mail.


Phyllis Perry Hulton Educational Trust
P.O. Box 1635
Marshalltown, IA 50158